Each month 5 WAA members give us a glimpse into their lifestyle and their work.

[ Members of the WAA come from many disciplines of the 'Fine Arts', including: Painting, Digital Art, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Lens based, Video... and some developing collaborations.]

There will usually be up to 20 interviews here at any one time.

The Interview questions are the same for all ... interesting comparisons can be made!

  • In addition to the interesting text and imagery displayed, the featured artists will appear 4 times in the WAA 'chatroom' during the 2 month period that each interview is online. This is your chance to find out more or to ask questions.



The interviews are an in depth look at the people behind the ' images'. One thing that was expressed about the recent '1st Members Show' was that the exhibiters just wanted to say more. The pressure on space and the shear number of exhibitors made this a task no one wanted to take on.

So 'Interview with an Artist' was conceived. All WAA members have the opportunity to talk about their work and describe those subtleties we all know to be so important to the work. There is, however, a strict set of questions in an attempt to focus the Interviews into a comparable series of features. One man's meat being another man's poison, I guess.

There has been an accusation that the Internet is producing a 'impersonal' breed of artist that communicates from behind an impenetrable box. A person who is happy to be anonymous and not really interact in a way that 'creative' people should...whatever that is? The image of the iniquitable 'nerd' we kept being told about?

The WAA goes some way in disproving this notion, indeed by its very existence it proves that hundreds of artists wish to work together. Distance or perhaps scarcity has helped label the artist as 'the loner', a little strange or 'artistic temperament' as Hollywood likes to paint us.

Well I don't think it's true...and I think the Interviews will show that, I have found kindred spirits here already and its only just begun!

I am sure the artists featured in the Interviews would love to hear your comments (preferably praise) about the Interviews, so do send them an email if there is something you particularly like or are interested in.

Paul Birkeland-Green
President WAA

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