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GENESIS 3D game engine
Multiplayer, multi-multi level game

Based around the 'Ghost Stations' of London (not totally original I know but hell, I didn't know that when I started it). The Aldwych Underground Station was built (1907)on the site of the old Strand Theatre and an art gallery...loads of room for thought there.

The site of the station is reasonably accurate (took far too long to create for that reason) whereas the theatre, while being of the Victorian 'style' is pure fantasy.

The art gallery is still little more than a pencil sketch.

I hope the game will be a real 'ripper', you name it, and it will be in there! Sound effects, dripping walls, loads of texture, major weirdness and anything else that comes to mind.

Beware of the mirrors, you may not be who you think!
Beware of Paintings!
Beware of the doors...

Characters not shown for my protection! (online game hopefully) any C++ 6 programmers out there are welcome to help me make this thing happen better? Please get in touch.

Paul Birkeland-Green



* scenes rendered in Gtest for now.


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