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PX 625 battery adapter    px625 replacement       px625 mercury battery       PX625 battery replacement  

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Use ZA675
(or equivalent) Zinc Air hearing aid batteries available just about everywhere in the world!

precision made
Precision made in
England from high
grade materials


Leica cl
Leica cl with adapter fitted

No longer available

  After 17yrs it is time to call it a day. I'm glad I have been able to help 1000's of camera lovers/owners around the world (October 2021)


The adapter uses all Zinc Air
'Blue Label' hearing aid batteries from many manufacturers.
Readily available in Drug Stores, Ebay/Amazon throughout the world. eg. shown RayOVac

ZA675 Rayovac hearing aid battery 

*Please note these adapters ONLY fit* Zinc Air with a 'Blue Label'
hearing aid batteries. ZA675, PR44, AC675, A675, DA675 or equivalent .

Do Not Use with: Alkaline or Silver Oxide batteries as they will not fit!

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This adapter won't break,

bend or fall off

They are tried and tested by
1000's of satisfied customers for 15yrs.
Reviewed around the world many times as a 5***** solution!

*precision engineered parts, not mass produced, made in UK

adapter only
NO Battery Supplied

"If your camera, lightmeter uses a PX625, PX-13 or equivalent this will work."
see the list of cameras it fits:
Camerapedia.org: Cameras/Meters it fits

Now in its 17th year; recommended and listed in countless blogs, reviews, magazines and websites.
Used by: research Labs, Universities, professional photographers, collectors, camera clubs and camera users. 2019

adapter explained

Adapter Bulk

For Organisations, Colleges and Commercial users, I can supply
10+ with 15% discount

Please email for details

Lifetime Guarantee

Because of recent Postal Restrictions I can only supply: ADAPTER ONLY, no battery is supplied

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No longer available:

 October 2021

Buyers comments:

"thank you Paul for the quick dispatch. The adapter ring fits perfectly well on old Minolta SRT-101 and Gossen Lunasix 3.
Great idea and excellent quality!"

Gernot, Germany (2013)

"I just recommended your adaptors to a friend here at the office for his Pentax.
 A year or two ago, I purchase several adaptor rings for my FTn, Cannonet, and Luna-Pro.

The adaptors work wonderfully.

And, I seem to get very long life and constant voltage out of the zinc-air batteries that Costco sells here in Beaverton Oregon.
 Thanks Much!"

Mr.G. Moore, Oregon, USA

Hi Paul,
Your adapter works like a charm !!! Camera meter seems very accurate ( I put the indicated combinations of shutter speeds and apertures on my nikon D300, and exposures seem always spot on on the rear screen)

Wonderfull job !!

I've just ordered a couple of new adapters, one for my second old camera and one for my old meter.
People more than often worry about the poor life duration of zinc-air batteries. But why ? prices are so small anyway...

Serge. (France) 2010

"As a long-term user of several classic cameras designed for mercury batteries, Paul's adapter is the best yet; it is quick, convenient and inexpensive."
John Winfield, Bristol, UK,"

Hello Paul,
That’s really fast! Thank you, Greetings,
Aad (Holland)

Received . Excellent. Can use Dad's old Canon Pellix again
Ben (Kent, UK)

Hi Paul,
i hope you are well!!
I bought another leica cl,without a battery unfortunately!!
I wonder if i could purchase twomore of your battery adapters?
Bob (London)








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More technical details on this adapter are available to view below

    PX625BG paulbg.com 2013:sole US supplier paulbg, Wiltshire, ENGLAND. Order Enquires please email me  








Also suits many, many: Cameras and Light Meters requiring PX625's Camerapedia.org: Cameras/Meters it fits

 Nikon F photomicNIKON F
  Solution for Photomic meter ftn.
photomic batterynikon f battery contact Use arubber grommet ?
Not on a photomic ftn or cameras that need a metal to metal contact
The top battery makes the + contact on the side of the battery compartment, so the battery casing must touch the side. Also the top must have a 'shelf' for the screw down top.

 Adapter Also fits Zinc Air:

VT675, XL675, AP675, 675HPX 675A, R675ZA, 675AE, L675ZA AC675E, ME9Z, A675, DA675X ZA675, V675AT, DA675H, AC675 7003ZD, PR44, AC675E, V675A B900PA, DA675, 675HPX  PR-675PA, PZA675

Meter reading and results:
The meter is within 0.3stop against my Minolta Dynax meter. I don't know if it would be closer with Mercury batteries...but on a 30 year old meter I doubt it!

*There is no 100% replacement for the PX625 Mercury battery, nor will there ever be. Zinc Air were created to replace them

Also see:
the most comprehensive
article I have seen on this subject by:

Frans de Gruijter
.pdf download

Battery fitted with the 'push on fit' brass adapter. The lower edge of the ring has a bevelled edge for smoother contact in the meter housing.

Battery life:
(3-6months is claimed?)
You just remove the adapter(s) and fit to new ZA675 batteries!
They work out around 3.90 (only around $5 in the US)
for a pack of 6


*My adapter also allows air to pass between batteries. In 6 years no-one has indicated any problems.

"Zinc Air batteries don't last as long as Mercury no matter what you do."
(re-sealing the air holes is a myth)


Lifetime Guarantee
The adapter won't break, bend or fall off, GUARANTEED.They are tried and tested by 1000's of satisfied customers.
*precision engineered parts

Why modify, damage or render your equipment unreliable/unsaleable when you don't need too?