Study in oil

" I believe in an existence before birth. That this life is a transition, a stepping stone in the cycle of nature. We have always been part of it and we will remain so in the future. That we can connect with the past and embrace our role in natures future. The universe and us are facets of the same creation.

ButterflyThe butterfly obeys all the laws of nature and the philosophy of Magic. It is all things to all people, 'beauty and function'. It is a metaphor for the spirit as well as a phenomenal feat of engineering. We all look in wonder at something so delicate yet so infinitely complex. Magic and's both.

Paul BG Every journey starts with a single step. I've put my foot forward...perhaps I'll fall into the abyss...but I must do it. I can't be the only one embarking on this path?
Well I'm not am I, no-one has a unique idea.

Standing on a tertiary area between the rings of time in my head. Like standing on the shoreline, neither on land, sea or sky. This no-mans land, I cannot see what is below the waves, I can only throw things at it and guess what lies beneath. On the high tide some of it's mysteries will be reveled as they wash up on the shore. I can see them as the tide goes out but out of context what do I learn. I've evolved away from being able to live in the sea, the place I most likely evolved from.

Metamorphosis of ideas
But how to do that is still deep in the layers. The ability and knowledge is still there. We have come from every part of the surface of the earth, we know all it's secrets we have experienced it all, there is nothing to find...only how to remember.

Paul Frederick Birkeland-GreenWhat I have put here is a small selection of the sketches and photos I think best explain me. They all relate to some project or other along the way...and of course my current work."